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Abundant Edge is...

…a company dedicated to facilitating the highest potential for health and abundance on this Earth. We help to design ecosystems, homes, communities, and other interconnected projects that aspire to heal and care for all forms of life. In our holistic design approach we recognize that human interests can only be fulfilled when every link in the chain that supports them is strong. In this way we build resilience and stability at an ecological level as we help our clients reach their personal goalsement all around the world

More with less

The damaged state of our ecologies on this planet require us to manage our resources more carefully and always with the intention to replace and replenish the ones we use. Sustainability is an obsolete aspiration. Only through regeneration and restoration can hope to achieve the full potential for life and health in this world we all share. 

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The good news

Luckily the solutions and technologies we need to regenerate our surroundings already exist and most of them are accessible and affordable. We can leverage both ancient knowledge and modern discoveries to dramatically change the way we interact with nature and become stewards and caretakers rather than destroyers. 

Through collaboration and reconnection we all can play an important part as members of the “Regeneration.” This is a group that anyone can join and is not defined by age, background or economic status. It is a name for the first generation of humans who, en masse, have decided to take an active role in regenerating our Earth. This can be through lifestyle choices, work, political action, environmental stewardship, teaching others, or any of a myriad of other ways to make an impact towards positive change. 

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Our Services

are tailored to ecologically minded clients who are looking to achieve their dreams through holistic collaboration with nature and their larger communities. 

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Our Educational Resources

are designed to give you the tools and knowledge to build regenerative lifestyles, ecosystems, and communities that have a meaningful positive impact.

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Our Projects

show a few of the examples of buildings and ecosystems we’ve designed and collaborated with clients to implement all around the world

The Abundant Edge Podcast

Now in it’s fourth season, The Abundant Edge podcast is dedicated to bringing high quality information from experts in the worlds of regenerative farming, permaculture, natural building, community empowerment and natural living to people who feel inspired to to make a positive change in the world.

With a wide variety of perspectives, expertise and knowledge from across the globe, our archive of interviews will give you the tools to take action and help to create the abundant planet that all life can thrive in.

With thousands of weekly listeners, we are proud to partner with companies and organizations committed to environmental and social regeneration. If you feel connected to our message and would like to reach out to our ever growing audience of engaged listeners, send us a message to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Our Past Sponsors

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Oliver Goshey, founder and director of Abundant Edge

Oliver M. Goshey is an accomplished natural builder and ecosystem regeneration advisor who has worked in eleven countries across six continents. After years of working in the industrial building trades, on conventional and organic farms, and later as a maritime engineer, he apprenticed with the Cob Cottage Company, specializing in earthen building techniques, plasters, and finishes. Since then he has gone on to work with clients and organizations to design and build regenerative living environments that restore the abundance of the local ecology.  

Abundant Edge is his culmination of years of passionate research, travel, and experimentation with regenerative design and natural building techniques. Oliver is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles that repair and advance healthy ecosystems through holistic design and development strategies that consider the needs of all forms of life. 

Oliver is also the host of The Abundant Edge Podcast where he interviews leaders and changemakers in the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living.

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