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The link between regenerative farming, health and longevity, with Jennifer Maynard of Nutrition for Longevity


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One thing that’s happened more frequently as this podcast has grown and gained more listeners is that marketers and promotional agents have reached out to me to try to get their clients featured in an interview on the show. I get the appeal and value of having a long form interview to express an idea and tell the story of how you founded your company or project, but the truth is that the integrity of the messaging and things that I help to give voice to here mean everything to me so I always start out really sceptical and do a lot of research about the person and their business model before agreeing to do the interview. Especially because I’ve heard other shows which end up basically just running like a long form infomercials and that’s not at all what I want this podcast to be.

I’ve ended up rejecting a lot more of those kinds of offers than I’ve accepted, So when I was approached to speak with Jennifer Maynard I figured I’d use it as an opportunity to try and dissect and pick apart her business Nutrition for Longevity, a farm to fork meal kitting company that focuses on bringing nutritionally tailored meals direct from her farm. 

What I didn’t expect that this would become one of my favorite interviews about regenerative farming and how it relates directly to improved health through nutrition. I really wish I had been able to include this talk back in the series I did earlier in the year because of how well Jennifer explains some of the core concepts of regenerative food production and its potential to restore our individual and collective health. 

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I guess I should have suspected that she’d have such a nuanced understanding of these topics because of her unusual background. Jennifer actually worked in the biotech and Pharmaceutical specialty medicine areas for over 20 years, which is not a very common employment history for farmers of any kind. After putting two decades of her passion into changing people’s lives through modern medicine, she felt her knowledge and experience would be better served focusing on “Food as Medicine.” Even though progress has been made with medicine, the battle with chronic illness is being lost. In order to address this, she founded Greater Greens, a regenerative organic farm, as the first step to bringing this movement front and center and to help focus on the root of our health challenges.

The meal kitting bit is one of the more original marketing and sales strategies I’ve yet heard of for a farm to take on and I think could become a new option in the tool belt for farm business managers looking to create added value direct to consumer sales. 

What I’m trying to get at is that this conversation is really worth making time to listen to all the way through, and hopefully I’ll be collaborating with Jennifer again in the next season to explore more of these topics in further detail.


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